The ‘Flying Car’ dream comes true in Holland

I always knew I’ve chosen the best country for a futurologist to live. Where else an ultimate, an uber-cliche futuristic concept of a ‘flying car’ could finally materialize? Only in Holland, the land of inventors and an invented land itself. Dutch design and innovation agency Spark headed by Robert Barnhoorn is ready to launch Pal-V, the first commercial flying car, apparently as soon as the end of this year.

What is shown on the picture is not yet the final version of the design, which is kept in secret until now, but it’s quite a possible scenario for the Netherlands, according to the article published today by Metro (Nederland bouwt vliegende auto, in Dutch). The concept is particularly relevant for the densely populated countries such as Holland itself, but also Germany, the UK, France, although slightly modified versions can be also used in larger countries, such as the US and China.


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