Serious games galore!

I haven’t been to a bookshop for a quite while (or rather, I haven’t been to its ‘book’, otherwise I stop by at the newly opened selexyz‘s book cafe relatively regularly). So I was quite surprised to see so many ‘business games’ there, of all kinds, when I came there yesterday. I don’t recall them having such a variety of games (I counted four) on the shelves in the past.

The ones I saw where not hugely sophisticated games, just simple board games, or card games, but it is interesting to spot this development, of ‘serious games’ becoming more accepted and almost causal in the business context. They weren’t very expensive either, ranging from 25 to 60 euros per game.

At some point I start thinking that Summ()n should develop its own game(s) too; we have plenty of materials for such a thing, a board game about the future. LF Publisher?

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