Alternative Avant-Gardes

As a peculiar echo of the conference on the Russian avant-garde in Vanabbe museum, I found in Garage, another Moscow art center, a large duo exhibition of Russian avant-garde, or rather on the current artistic re-interpretations of this phenomenon. There were no pieces by Malevich, Chagall or Kandinsky there, but instead plenty of artistic references and quotes, hidden or overt, to these masterpieces of art-futurism.

Unfortunately, any photography was strictly forbidden in this center (which is stupid, if you ask me), and I can’t even show the works I saw, and liked. I’d love to show quite a few, but alas, not this time. On their website I found a few examples, including this Tatlin Tower made our of iPhone (it was actually ‘working’, i.e., the buttons were glowing from time to time).

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