The future of unicorns

These are a few video stills from a small movie called The Gift, by Carl Erik Rinsch. It’s quite an interesting movie itself, a sort of dystopian sketch of Moscow in a not so distant future (it’s quicker to watch the movie than to type the plot here). I made quite a lot of these stills, to eventually write a more detailed overview of the assumptions about the future (or rather projection of the today’s life in Russia into the future).

But it is also a part of another interesting project, initiated by Philips, who invited five producers to make such small movies, with whatever plot they would like, condition it uses a few predefined line of a dialogue[It’s a unicorn – Never seen one so close before – Beautiful – Get away! – Sorry] – see Parallel Lines website for more details (there is also a project trailer on YouTube). The result are five nice mini video stories, very diverse and interesting (The Gift is my favorite, but they are all nice). The sixth one is to be produced by the public, with an intention to engage the audience in co-production (and co-promotion).

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