Doing instant learning

The purpose of art (at least, contemporary art, and at least how I see it) is to – if not challenge than at least – question the borders. Often by the very revelation that these border exist. Headed by Charles Esche, Vanabbe Museum is doing quite a lot of such ‘border-crossing’ experiments, often literally, like in this case. This maze-like installation [the author of which I yet have to find] was standing in the middle of a hall and almost seduced to walk in. Instead the majority of the visitors have been bypassing it, often following quite a narrow path behind it.

The majority of ‘adult’ visitors, that is; the youngsters were often walking through (although also not without a hesitation):

The most pleasant moment I’ve seen was when this old lady (above), who initially passed by the structure, saw the girls walking through it, and then returned and ‘tried it’ again, proudly showing her way of conduct to two other older ladies who just walked in the room; museum as a platform of an instant learning.

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