Future Slide Shows

At some point I decided to resume the production of the slideshows; they were the main currency in Philips, and I used to produce and ‘consume’ a lot of those, and yet very few of them went public, for obvious reasons of corporate closeness and paranoial attitude to the information. I gradually switched to more ‘lightweight’ formats, like the blogs and later even mini-blogging. But currently I somehow re-discover the value of a larger format, such as the slideshows and movies. I see if I will be able to re-introduce some of the old stories, and also translate more recent ways of thinking into these formats. So far I’ve managed to post to the SlideShare the slides I used during my presentation in March, and the conference held by the Dutch Design Initiative (above), and the large set of slides I used for my public lectures in St.Petersburg and Moscow (below).

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