Interactive mirror installation by rAndom International

I finally managed to compile a short video of the nice interactive installation by rAndom International, London-based team that creates what might be broadly defined as ‘digital art’: various installations that use modern technologies to create novel aesthetic experiences.

This particular work was presented at the Art Brussels fair in May 2010 (at the premises of the Galerie Volker Diehl from Berlin). Main idea is relatively simple, and therefore very powerful: imagine a flock, or an an ensemble of movable mirrors that ‘talk’ to each other, imitating our nonverbal conversational activities. These ‘conversations’, however, are immediately interrupted when someone enters into a ‘mirror space’, and the mirrors then start ‘looking’ at the intruder, and follow the person with their ‘gazes’, rotating their ‘heads’ toward a new potential ‘interlocutor’.

I observed quite a lot of pople observing walking these ‘conversations’, and a few of those who ventured to enter the space; I didn’t see anyone who would start talking to the mirrors. The whole scene strongly resembled the Alice’s conversations with the flowers in a magical garden. “We can talk – when there is anybody worth talking to.”

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