Brainport and the future of e-Health

Brainport, a regional development body of the Eindhoven Plus area, presented a range of interesting solutions at the WCIT that they themselves described as e_Health [as a side note, I question the use of e- these days; everything is e- now, by default; but at the WCIT this (pr)e-fix was used ubiquitously, itself a sign of a serious lag from reality, if you ask me).

TOCO Patch from Nemo Healthcare promises a patient friendly pregnancy monitoring (there’s not much on their site, as the team “is busy developing the next generation of fetal monitoring technology”).

Somewhat close to this domain is ROLA (Rhythm of Life Aid), an integrated sensor system for supporting medical stuff during cardiopulmonary resuscitation of the newborns (developed by the TU/e, Technical University in Eindhoven).

I personally liked QIKI, an intelligent pillow that can help people in “structuring their day and keeping them active”. It is meant for people with autism, Alzheimer’s or other forms of mental illnesses, but I guess it can be also used for a much wider audiences (in fact, for all of us – who doesn’t want a helping hand in ‘structuring the day’ and ‘keeping active’?). It’s amazing, in fact, how dumb our pillows, and beds in general, today. These are the ‘devices’ we spent 1/3rds of our lives with! Surely there should be a room for making them more intelligent and useful (and playful), beyond a merely physical, body supporting functions they provide now.

There was another concept directly working with ‘playfulness’: interactive Soundstep tiles, developed by NYOYN (apparently, you should hear “enjoy’ng” in the name). It was quite nice and amusing (especially when the visitors stepped on the tiles first time without knowing the consequences). But it claims to be more than just ‘nice’: the idea is that it will stimulate children’s imagination and social interaction. If yes, they again why stop on the children only?

More on these, and other concepts:

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