Forecasting and serious games for flood management

One of the most impressive presentations at the WCIT was by the Flood Control 2015. Flood Control is a relatively new organization, a partnership of private companies and public agencies, aimed at improving flood management operations in the Netherlands. Accurate and time prediction is one of the key elements of the successful flood management, so the agency develop complex forecasting systems; but predict is only part of the game, so to say. Multiple actors should be ready to act, react and interact with each other, in the conditions that can deteriorate very rapidly. Flood Control is designing both virtual and real (and real-size!) environments where participants can rehearse their response to a variety of scenarios, which makes them much better prepared to the real floods.

Holland is already a success story when it comes to flood protection, and broader, water management. The country has a large, and growing number of specialists available in every conceivable area: from the design and construction of dikes, to specialized equipment, and through to crisis management, measurement systems and evacuation plans. They can now add forecasting and serious games to this toolbox, making export potential of this industry event higher.

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