Art Amsterdam’10

In addition to the WCIT, I also managed to visit Art Amsterdam’10, an annual art fair traditionally held in the RAI Exhibition Center. It was not so overwhelming as the ArtBrussels’10, but definitely more impressive and interesting that ArtRotterdam’10 fair I’ve been to in February ( I now realized that I didn’t even write about it back than; bit of a shame, there were a few interesting pieces there too).

As always, many pictures I took can be seen in my Flickr set, ArtAmsterdam’10, and here are just a few random observations.

I thought our Walking Backward to the Future installation would benefit from such a beautiful and culture-specific surveillance camera 🙂

This was another example of simple, but quite powerful installation; a short looping video was framed into a 3D physical ‘toothy’ art-work, creating a bizarre mix of scary, yet intriguing feeling.

My favorite was an installation called ‘hardlink’ by Dutch artist Willem Besselink; we saw his earlier work Re:Id during the Museum Night in Rotterdam last year, where he reconstructed a flow of the visitors using a provocative mix of modern RFID technology and antique brick-laying.

This time again it was a collision of high-tech QR Codes with a very low-tech foam sculpting.

The idea is that the spectator can not actually see the art work; or rather she can, but only from the distance, reflected in a spheric mirror hanging above a huge cube. It is the top of the cube which is an art-work, but it defies your effort to see or interact with with. There are even more levels of parody and mocking here: even if you manage to ‘use’ this specific QR Code appropriately, for example, using your mobile phone with scanning app (there was a copy of the code laying near for your convenience), the link would lead you to the very picture of the same installation! Alienated and self-referential smart technologies, a perfect expression of what Richard Eskow called Cerebral Imperialism.

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