Las Meninas: Contemplating reinterpretations

I’ve recently found a description of a nice exhibition held in Museo del Prada, in Madrid, called Richard Hamilton: Picasso’s Meninas. It was a double homage, to Picasso himself, and then in turn to his homage to Velazquez (I wrote ‘was’, because it was scheduled till June 20, yesterday, but as I just discovered, the exhibition is extended till July 20).

Frankly, I didn’t know that the the volume of remakes and re-interpretations of the famous Las Meninas is so large; Picasso alone made more than 50 art-works in the 1950s, and ever since the volume only growing. I surfed the web a bit, and was overwhelmed with the amount of art works, by professional, ‘serious’ artist and amateurs alike. While surfing, I started to make a slideshow, as a draft compilation of what I found. The resulted presentation is, of course, far from a complete corpus (if such is at all possible by now), but is sizable enough to make some observations and draw some conclusions.

Independently from the results, I enjoyed the very process of discovering such an immense variety, and creativity of interpretations of the famous work by the Velazquez, and hope you will, too.

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