Spaces Galore

The theme of ‘space’ was present abundantly later in my encounters, both professional and ‘artistic’ (well, in aman_geld it’s always there anyway). Few days ago I visited the launch of the two new books, organized by the Stroom center in the Hague. One of the book presented was the latest album of photographs by Mark Pimlott (center), Canadian artist and writer living in the Netherlands now. The book was beautifully designed by Joost Grootens (right), and published by Jap Sam Books (Eleonoor Jap Sam is on the left on the picture).

This is not the first time they collaborate, few years ago Mark and Joost published a large and richly illustrated volume Without and within, a collection of essays on ‘territory and interior’ by Mark. The book got an accolade for its design (e.g., The Best Dutch Book Design Award 2008) and content (The Financial Times Best Books 2007), although in the editions of that kind the form and the content are intimately intertwined.

I am now a lucky owner of a signed copy, by both the Author and a Designer 😛

PS: That’s not exactly how the cover of the book look like, but it’s not completely alien to the original either; it’s a collage of the cover and the back side of it (it has this strange ‘dangling’ design, and plays with the perception of the front and back sides, so I decided it’s fair to show only one of them.)

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