Metamorphosis: New Design Probe from Philips Design

Philips Design has presented a range of new futuristic concepts combined under an umbrella name Metamorphosis. The key idea is a new re-alignment of the technological and natural rhymes, and an achievement of new synchrony between them. For example, the above concept, Shimmer, is an concept designed to facilitate well-being through surprise, movement, natural noise management, air movement and natural light dispersion. The „stripes‟ are based on flexible elements that emit natural light and channel air. They can transform to change the interior characteristics of a space in response to people and the atmospheric/lighting conditions outside.

“The elements of the system are a composite laminate consisting of a light diffusing material; air/vapor capillary system, flexible audio membrane and structural and decorative elements. Space is transformed as the „stripe‟ elements are flexed, changing the volume, affecting the airflow and the sound characteristics. The tension is altered by a system of cables connected to small motors with a gearbox, allowing natural light conditions to be transported from the outside into the interior space.”

More concepts can be viewed at their webpage, Metamorphosis

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