Game for Caviar Rouge

Logos galore! Summ()n has developed a game (code name ’Happy Street: Better City, Better Life’) for a Caviar Rouge design forum, organized by CaravanCultura , to be held in Van Abbemuseum, during the Dutch Design Week! Pheew!

Ok, an attempt to decipher of this logo thicket: CaravanCultura is an agency that promotes cultural innovation and conducts a range of cross-cultural projects and initiatives. Summ()n is very happy to partner with CC and already participated in its annual CreArt forum in Brussels.

Caviar Rouge is another branded annual project of Caravan Cultura and Yelena Kharitonova, its passionate leader. A week-long event is aligned with the Dutch Design Week, a nation-wide festival of design and creativity traditionally held in Eindhoven in October. This year’s edition of Caviar Rouge is already a third in a raw and as before will provide an excellent opportunity for designers and other creative professionals to see and learn from the DDW, and to share their own ideas with the peers. From what I know, the Caviar Rouge program is completely filled with formal meetings and informal discussions, debates, workshops, and lectures; if you need a total cultural immersion, this is it.

This year we will add another format to the already very interesting program of the forum: following Summ()n’s philosophy, we will play a game, to challenge people’s ideas about the future of creative spaces and co-create the prototypes of ‘Better Life’ (yes, we always aim at modest goals). A very interesting dimension is that the game will be played in Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, one of the most original and creative institutions, not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide, I believe. The museum itself is currently progressing to the third, and the final stage of the ‘Play”, its own program of cultural research and art provocation, and it seems only logical to play our game in its premises.

We look forward to the game, it should be an exiting event! It is announced as an ‘openbaar’ (=public), so hurry up to register and secure your place among the players, and not only the observers.

PS: When writing this post, I’ve discovered another game, to be also played in Van Abbemuseum during the DDW. A Tricksters Tricked workshop by Chris Lee will explore “alternative currencies as a starting point to think about economic networks”. Sounds fascinating too, and I will try to attend this event as well. I wonder how close it will be to the Kashklash game/initiative (I’ve been to one of their sessions in Geneva, during Lift’09).

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