Steve Hayden’s ‘mandala’

The PICNIC’s speakers are usually of a superb quality, both content-wise and charisma-wise. It is the major regret that you can not listen to all of them, there are too many parallel tracks. I will tell here only about a few presentations, not necessarily because they were ‘the best’, but because they resonated with my, or Simm()n’s interests. This one was by Steve Hayden, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather. In fact, his entire presentation was about one small tool he apparently invented, modestly called Steve’a Mandala:

I have somewhat nostalgic feeling about everything ‘mandala’; one of my first online innovation workshops happened to end up with the concept we called ‘manadalizer’ (a great concept, by the way), so since then I have an emotional anchor set. As with every mandala, this one was capable to explain everything, if not in the world at large, then at least in the corporate world.

Where everything starts with Fear, according to Steve. Not Visions, Missions, Brand Values and other hollow words motivate people, no-no. Fear. That causes Arousal. That in turns wakes up Intelligence. Which quickly leads to Arrogance (I didn’t quite the Intelligent Fear stage; nor I got the other stages, but I remember that the end was Bad).

As every gross-simplification, the model worked magically when Steven himself played with it on the scene, and became hugely problematic as soon as you get a chance to think. But it was a great show, no doubts. And – we got the mandalas too, a nice memory token of the event.

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