LandArt Biennale’10 in Malpie

Yesterday we went a very interesting event, so called LandArt Biennale (the site is only in Dutch, I am afraid). It is not easy to define what Land Art means exactly; this is not a landscape art, not a natural art (‘natural’ in a sense that it is bound to use only natural materials to create art-work); nor it is art that address the theme of nature in its content. Broadly speaking, these are art pieces that are placed in a certain natural context, and that a playing with this placement in one way or another.

In this particular reincarnation the ‘context’ is a beautiful natural part Het Malpie , near Dutch town Valkenswaard, which in turn is near the city Eindhoven in the Southern Holland. The park is one of our favorite places to visit here; it’s calm, peaceful, and beautiful, but in a modest kind of way; to appreciate its marshes (heide in Dutch) one would require a particular meditative attitude.

The exhibition is already fifth in the raw, and the largest so far, to my knowledge. It gathered more than thirty art works, from large and impressive installations (as on the above picture), to tiny, intimate interventions, as on the picture below:

We came quite late, and despite spending more than two hours at the site managed to visit only a fraction of all the exhibited works. I guess, we need to go there again, and reflect more on the feelings and thoughts evoked by this event (in our case the experience has an additional dimension, the ‘before and after’ effect; we know how the place looked without all these art works, and now can see what kind of qualities it gained with them.

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