Robots on Tour: NerdLab in Eindhoven

Yesterday we also went to event Robot on Tours, held in the Temporary Art Center in Eindhoven, and organized by the Dutch NerdLab. NerdLab is an interesting phenomenon itself, a nomadic one-day long festival, organized in various locations. Each year they have a different theme, and the one of this is about robots.

We expected a bit more robots to see, to be honest, but in any case, it was an interesting show. Some of the presented robots were ‘real’ ones (like the Soccer Robot developed by the TU/e team on the picture above); and some were ‘robots’ only by name, but in reality were just remotely controlled devices, the ones we usually see in all kind of “RoboFights’. Some were techy, and some – arty robots, like this robot-painter.

It’s worth to note, perhaps, that the whole event is also a part of the Dutch Month of Knowledge (Oktober Kennismaand), which has a large and very diverse program of its own.

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