Opening of the Dutch Design Week

Hans Robertus, head of the Dutch Design Week, welcomes and greets the participants of the opening ceremony in the Klokgebouw (also on behalf of his femme team, symbolized by the Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It!” poster mosaic. The week was officially opened by Rob van Gijzel, mayer of Eindhoven (who was presented with the first copy of the new DDW Trend Book’2010.

The interesting twist is that the book is a co-production of the Dutch and Helskinki Design weeks. Last year these two cities competed for the title “Design Capital of the World” (I wrote about an interesting ad campaign in Eindhoven last year, aimed at managing the ‘memories of the future‘ ). Eindhoven has lost the title this time, but during the competition the cities found a way to collaborate too. Quite symbolically, the DDW opening was also greeted, via the videolink, by the Kari Korman, head of the Helsinki Design Week, and mayer of Helsinki.

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