Opening of Caviar Rouge

A short, but a very interesting performance by Olimdjon Beknazarov opened the Caviar Rouge Project, part of the Dutch Design Week. The artist has combined seemingly uncombinable cultural traditions, blending the Japanese costumes, Christian music and Arabic body language in one impressive dance performance. And, as if it was not diverse enough a cultural cocktail, the performance was happening around a beautiful lighting installation by Chinese (!) artist Li Hui in the Dutch (!!) Museum of Artificial Light in Art (Centrum voor Kunstlicht in de Kunst) in Eindhoven. It surely symbolizes.

The atmosphere of the event was very creative, and very rouge too, because of the mesmerizing beams of red light of the Li Hui’s masterpiece installation called Reincarnation:

(it also made it very difficult to make any decent pictures, I failed to produce anything remotely publishable at the end đŸ˜¦ But I feel I need to post at least two pictures, of Yelena Kharitonova, the founder, organizer, and key driver of the project, and of Peter Nagelkerke, a newly appointed Ambassador of Caviar Rouge in the Netherlands. Kudos to Yelena, and best luck for the coming week!

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