Design Minded: Caviar Rouge Forum

This image is from the exhibition called Liberation of Light, currently held in the Design House of Eindhoven (and also a part of the Dutch Design Week); but I came to the place not so much to see the exhibition, but mainly to participate in the Caviar Rouge Forum, titled Design Minded. The forum, one of the pivotal moments of the week-long Caviar Rouge Project, was aimed at exploring the issues of cultural dependencies of design (and in turn, its its impact on cultures of societies).

The forum was greeted by the current head of the Design House who pointed to the rapidly changing technologies behind many of the lighting solutions, moving from the incandescent light bulbs to LEDs, OLEDs, and many more novel exciting technologies, that force design (and societies at large) to rethink the way we create and use light in our lives.

Gus Rodriguez, former vice-president of Philips Design, presented a wide historical panorama of design evolution, and its links with societal and cultural developments, and suggested to think about new role of design, capable to both address and solve deep and urgent issues of the present moment.

The second speaker, Alexander Leenetsky from Russia, vice-president of the Design Union and the chief editor of the portal, talked about various cases of the use (and abuse) of design in Russia when dealing with specific cultural issues (ranging from more traditional product design to communication and up to conceptual design thinking).

Two speeches had been followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Joris van Gelder (Dutch designers and a head of Ministerie of Nieuwe Dingen agency) and Ivan Paschenko from the Storytelling Company. Among the panelists were Aigul Baigozhaeva, head designer of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, Wouter van Nieuwland, from the newly established Eindhoven Design agency, and Artemy Lebedev from Art.Lebedev studio in Russia.

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