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Study of Digital Life from TNS

Very informative, and amazingly visualized study of the planet’s ‘digital life’, by TNS Global. Advertisements

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Mitchell Joachim: Don’t think the future, grow it!

Presentation by Mitchell Joachim at PICNIC’10 was perhaps the most ‘futuristic’ of all; his famous characteristic visualizations always help in conveying the theme of the possible futures very vividly and powerfully. Just look at the pictures above: flying cars, self-growing … Continue reading

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Robots on Tour: NerdLab in Eindhoven

Yesterday we also went to event Robot on Tours, held in the Temporary Art Center in Eindhoven, and organized by the Dutch NerdLab. NerdLab is an interesting phenomenon itself, a nomadic one-day long festival, organized in various locations. Each year … Continue reading

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LandArt Biennale’10 in Malpie

Yesterday we went a very interesting event, so called LandArt Biennale (the site is only in Dutch, I am afraid). It is not easy to define what Land Art means exactly; this is not a landscape art, not a natural … Continue reading

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Sunlight that transcends prison wall

“Intellectuals feel brave because the government lets them write about sex, incest and human defects. In China, everybody has the courage to shamelessly challenge morals. Rare are those who have the courage to challenge reality.” – Liu Xiaobo, 54, Chinese … Continue reading

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Future of Ethics

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Steve Hayden’s ‘mandala’

The PICNIC’s speakers are usually of a superb quality, both content-wise and charisma-wise. It is the major regret that you can not listen to all of them, there are too many parallel tracks. I will tell here only about a … Continue reading

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Philip the Hylozoic

I already wrote here about the wonderful techno-organic creations by Philip Beesley, artist and architect from Canada. We saw them last year in Linz, during the Ars Electronica festival. They are truly amazing, and somewhat terrifying too, I remember seeing … Continue reading

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David Gallo on Deep Liquid Matters

The lecture by David Gallo, oceanographer from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was one of the most emotionally charged. He a a media start at the moment, because of his expedition to the Titanic wreck site that he and his … Continue reading

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Street Games in Brussels, 29.09.10

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