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What Does the Future Hold ?

ps: By David Shrigley, from his new book ‘What the Hell Are You Doing?‘ Advertisements

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Transient Landscapes

Transient Landscapes, a simple but amazingly beautiful installation, by Lindsey Housden and Yoko Seyama, at the STRP festival. We couldn’t pull the boy out of the room, so playful and engaging it was. ps: The slice of this experience also … Continue reading

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Blue Light Cat

I wrote earlier how kids played with this installation, but didn’t tell what this installation was about. It was in fact a giant Cat made out of the beams of light and floating in the air (I guess, the Cheshire … Continue reading

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I just realized that I hardly posted about the Glow festival that was held in Eindhoven; shame on me, it was, in fact, quite a remarkable event, and we enjoyed both the art-works and the general atmosphere. Perhaps the only … Continue reading

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Living in the Cloud conference at the STRP Festival

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The Most Massive Star in the Universe

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Mystery Speech to Trick the Tricksters

In my previous posting about the Ideefiks seminar I wrote that ‘design does not exist’ (as if it is a common knowledge), and only then realized that I used this phrase in the presentation that I didn’t describe here – … Continue reading

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Ideefiks Seminar in U Twente

Last Friday I went to the Ideefiks Lustrum seminar held by the Center for Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Science (CEPTES) of the University of Twente. I learned about the event via my recent Facebook ‘friendship’ with Peter-Paul Verbeek, the … Continue reading

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Childish Playing with Light

Kids, as usual, went into all these lighting installations (part of Glow Festival) without any fears and concerns, inventing own mini-games on a fly. Adults were standing aside, appropriately exclaiming ‘nice’ and ‘wow’ from time to time, but without any … Continue reading

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City Walking Games

We saw this large city map in the Ludwig Forum in the German city Aachen, where we went to look at the West Arch exhibition. It was amazing to observe how readily people start playing with this map, looking for … Continue reading

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