On B&W photography, and Time travels

Found a very interesting paper, by Ana Peraica: Time Travel and Photographic Negatives: Theory of the post-negative world. It’s a nice and short piece, and it’s easy to read it then to tell what it’s about: a mix of theory/history of photography, a bit of psychoanalysis, quantum theory, philosophy, and yes, time travels too. For me the whole twist turning photography (via dark room (dark thought ?) experiments) away from the memory business into the business of the future was pleasing.

I am not sure I got all the arguments because they are also described in a pretty twisted way, like:

“a standard black and white film records results arriving from the time machine. The first arrival is a developed film which is shot and developed again and then sent back to the time machine. The positive of the positive is set to come out at the very precise moment when the shot of the developed negative was done. [Tim Mauild] claims that the result is the negative which is on the positive. This argument is extremely interesting to those who have laboratory experience. The input into the positive which was turned into a positive by showing a negative is actually a common slide with complicated process. Whatever the result, the author claims – the positive of a negative is still dependent in the original in a physical way, i.e. it is continuous.”

I need to read more about the original paradox and subsequent thought experiments by Tim Mauldin to really comment on the core argumentation (by the way, he recently published a large volume, The Metaphysics Within Physics, perhaps not exactly on the future studies, but nevertheless very interesting). But it’s a nice inspirational piece, this paper.

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