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Professional Networks Visualized

Similar to many social web services, LinkedIn now offers an opportunity to see your network visualized. I always preferred to see my LinkedIn connections more than mere ‘professional’, and tried to gather a wider variety of people and links there. … Continue reading

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Zizek on Everything

Quite lengthy (20+min) and very interesting interview with Slavoj Žižek, a somewhat eccentric Slovenian philosopher aka social psychoanalyst by Riz Khan/AlJazeera. It’s more or less a recap of one of his latest books, Living in the End Times, but – … Continue reading

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Future of Mobile Tagging

Just found an interesting report, on the Future of Mobile Tagging, from the NY-based trend research consultancy PSFK. The report a) very interesting and informative b) quite large, almost 100 pages (12MB pdf), and c) FREE! (although registration is required). … Continue reading

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The storms come quietly

The blog was not very active lately, partly due to the Christmas/New Year period last year, traditionally sleepy and tranquil. But Summ()n is also in a reflective mode at the moment. We took one year for this experiment with a … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

The blog was in quite tranquil a state for a while: first, we had long before, during and after x-mas days, and then the first week of new year was also a holiday time for us (a bit flu-ish one, … Continue reading

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