Happy New Year!

The blog was in quite tranquil a state for a while: first, we had long before, during and after x-mas days, and then the first week of new year was also a holiday time for us (a bit flu-ish one, I have to admit, but nice nevertheless, calm and quite). Strangely for the title of this blog, the time was filled no so much with the ‘futures’ but with the pasts, of all kinds. We’ve been to a few old cities, visited a few excellent exhibitions of old masters together with old friends, and a few books I read happened to be also about historical events. Even the nature was not ‘contemporary’; we had much more snow this year than usual, and the surroundings covered by thick white blankets looked pretty medieval.

Ok, the pasts pass one day, and I am going back to the futures, at least, in terms of writing about them. Best wishes to all the readers of this blog, and for myself I wish to write here more often (and hopefully something interesting).

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