Activate the Future: View on Mobility from BMW

In a somewhat resembling the wikileaks way of information sharing, BMW starts sharing their visions of the future; of mobility, that is. ‘The New City’ is the first short film of the BMW’s Activate the Future project (apparently three four films are to be released soon). The story does not tell you much about the answers, but rather states the questions, a set of acute issues we are facing now or face in the future. The list of narrators is quite peculiar, those are not the usual suspects from automotive industry bur rather environmental activists, illustrators of the futures such as Syd Mead, and even VP of Google (which itself is quite a statement about the future).

One of the interesting features of the films is the interface allowing for the viewers to leave their comments right at the point of the narrative; it resembles a bit the interface of the Soundcloud music sharing portal (which is pretty cool for BMW).

As with every unfinished story, it’s difficult to really comment on the content; so far it remains on a level of litany (in the Inayatullah‘s sense), and many comments spot that right away. But let’s see, may be the story will dive deeper.

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