Art Air Cleaning

Sotheby’s, an art auction house, will held an interesting and symbolic event next Monday in Hong Kong, the Clean Air Charity Auction, in support of the Clean Air Network (CAN), one of Hong Kong’s leading non-governmental organizations fighting against air pollution and other environmental problems we keep creating so skillfully.

I understand that almost all art works at this auction are donated by the artists (both from Hong Kong and international) and many, I believe had been created specially for this event. I like the idea, and itself it is a noble endeavor, so both hands up in support. What makes me a bit uneasy is the art works themselves; too many of them start resembling pieces of propaganda. Even if they propagate great values, they are too close to propaganda nevertheless, which is a pity. Perhaps this is the voice from my earlier experience of the Soviet era whispering, but I feel immediately alerted if see someone trying to sell me a Communist party poster as an ‘art work’.

But fortunately many art works put for sale at the auction are truly marvelous. I noticed that the price tags are a way higher than any normal auction would command, but that’s because of its charity nature, I assume. I wonder what would be the real sales (so far these are expected prices).

The art works used in this posting:

1. Ma Han – Breathing Systes – Lungs (2008) (mixed media installation)
2. William Lim – Hong Kong Air Freshener (2010) (photography and mixed media)
3. Wilson Sheinh – Cloud Boys (2011) – Detail (acrylic on canvas) – you can see the piece in whole by clicking at the picture)

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