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Arthur Keith on the future

It’s more a contemplating than predicting remark; ‘I wish it would happened this way, but it wont’, alas’. He predicts further specialization, ever growing specialization, and frightened by it. Are we? Should we? As a professional anthropologist, he finds it … Continue reading

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Willis Whitney on the future

The last of the NYT’s forecasters, Willis Whitney, was a chemist and for many years a head of the General Electrics’ Research Lab; I can feel this spirit, of more opportunistic and creative exploration in his views about the futures. … Continue reading

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Make Something Cool Every Day

I started this retro-futuristic series with the work by Mark Weaver, and I would like to also finish it for today with another nice work by him, called Make Something Cool Every Day. There is a lot of interesting comments … Continue reading

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Innovation at Google: Testing your futures – quickly!

This is one of the slides from an excellent presentation by Patrick Copeland, head of innovation at Google; the title of the presentation is not particularly innovative, it goes as… Innovation at Google. I can’t say that any of the … Continue reading

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Indeed, what are the possible futures of mirror?

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Art of Mirroring Art

Recently I have found an interesting photostream at Flickr, both content-wise and as a case of ‘creative abuse’ of the service. Technically speaking, Flickr is a photo-community, one is supposed to upload own works only; obviously people do not care … Continue reading

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Au revoir, Vanabbe

I used to like Vanabbe Museum; I don’t think I will go there anymore, at least in the near future (I can make exception for its library, though). Why such a flip-flop? Because, I feel that the museum is increasingly … Continue reading

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