Creativity is CRISP in the Netherlands

Last Wednesday I went to Delft, to joint a kick-off workshop of the CRISP, a new large-scale R&D program for creative industries. I was invited to the event at the last moment, and wasn’t aware how large it is, I though about a homey workshop of a few designers and researchers. But no, it is a colossal program which was brewing for more than a year (and nobody told me – *sigh*), with 20mln budget and over 160 participants.

CRISP stands for Creative Industry Scientific Programme, and will consists of eight large multi-partner projects; you can read more about this program and the members at their website (although the project descriptions are pretty basic at the moment).

There are two projects that are directly linked to games: G-MOTIV, with a modest aim of learning how to change our motivation using game elements

and another one called i-PE – Intelligent Play Environments to stimulate social and physical activities.

It’s a pity that I didn’t know about all these projects, otherwise I would pith for participation with Summ()n, in some way or another. However, knowing how tightly closed and well-guarded the system of these grants, it wouldn’t even worth trying. As my friend just told me, “either you’re friends or you’re not”.

But never mind, it was nice to see some old friends anyway, and I am glad that they got their piece of the pie.

I put some of the pictures I took in Delft to me set on Flickr – CRISP kick-off workshop in Delft

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