This is not a projective technique of any sort, but it would be very interesting to hear what people see on this picture (and then, of course, to learn what they think about it). But well, this blog is not a psychoanalytical couch for the visitors (yet?), so I will tell everything myself.

This is a map of Europe. Made of the LED lights and mounted on a beautiful carpet, a bizarre mix of one of the oldest and one of the newest technologies. And this is in fact only a fragment of a larger installation by Moroccan artist Mohammad El-Baz (the link also leads to a large image):

Why this map? In principle, the answer is simple – why not? I like maps, I like contemporary art, and coming from Central Asia, I am supposed to have an affinity to the things Asian (I run a blog for years). But no, until quite recently this piece of art wouldn’t have much chances to appear in any of my blogs. Somewhat surprisingly, and despite all these ‘global village’ talks, and ‘global web’ walks (=surfs), I remain deeply Europocentric. Despite my efforts to populate my news-feeds of all sort with the bites of information from everywhere, this globally somehow evades me. Art (contemporary art) is good example; I am trying to follow major developments in this area, but at the end was able to confidently talk about the EU/US art markets only.

That is, until recently; a couple of months ago, I suddenly discovered that the last Indian artist I could name was… Rabindranath Tagore 😦 He’s a great artist and thinker, no question (the world celebrates the 150th anniversary of his birth this year, by the way), but couldn’t I move a bit further on a history scale? Being shocked, I made a few lengthy journeys (so far only mental) into Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (and South Asian art) and now venturing into Persian and Arabic territories. It’s still a superficial awareness, and ideally I’d love to have it embedded more structurally into my information flows, but still better than niks. I will try to put more, and more diverse art works here in the future.

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