You are not aFreud!

One of the most hilarious commercials I’ve seen lately! And *deeeply* psychoanalytical too, not only because of the image of Freud (the second ad uses Mozart – see below), but because of a ‘meaningful gap’ so typical for psychoanalysis, between what is said and what one really (not) wanted to say. The meaning which would be appropriate for the university might go like that: don’t count on your hereditary pedigree, it’s not a guarantee of success anymore, but worry not, we will help you not to fail. In reality, and both visually and verbally, the images express entirely opposite message: close (biological) connections with great predecessors would help, but we will tear off these ties and you *will* fail with us, for sure.

And then again, a homework: many of the Freud’s offsprings made brilliant careers, including Anna Freud, his daughter and was of the most influential psychoanalysts and psychologists herself, and Lucian Freud, Freud’s grandson, who is considered one of the best British painters of 20 century (and both of his daughters are doing pretty well too). But well, the ads DO catch attention, what else do you need?

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