Anchored Window Shopping

I have been blogging for years, and was always posting a lots of pictures (mostly done by myself, but of the ones of others); but interestingly enough I rarely posted pictures with people (and about people) – what they do, how do they that, how they talk to each other, interact with things and spaces, etc etc. It’s even paradoxically, since ‘researching people’ was in fact my job. It is there, in the ‘professional domain’ I was after people, but in my private blogs I somehow restrained myself from doing the same job again. Not consciously, of course, and did post the ‘people pictures’ in my blogs too, of course, but all in all, it was more often about abstract shapes, textures and colors, that sort of things (I was running my blog of abstract photography for almost nine years).

There were some exceptions: I did posted a lot of pictures of people taking pictures (I even maintained a community for such images – I called them metaphotography). I also posted pictures of people looking at art pieces, in the museums, at various galleries and art fairs; however, this was as much about art as about people.

Well, I decided not to hide my ‘people pictures’ from the blogosphere anymore; can’t promise ‘one person a day’ yet, but I hope the ‘pages’ here will be more populous from now on.

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