e-mediated nature

Last Saturday we went to the national park De Loonse Duinen . It is indeed a dune, as the name suggests, the only thing it’s not by the sea, but in the middle of the pretty green forests of the North Brabant, near the city Tilburg. It’s pretty bizarre a place – imagine the large fields of sand suddenly emerging from nowhere; very Marcian. If the sun is up and the slkes are clear, you can get very hot and dry (=very Central Asian) experience very quickly. (My ‘depressive tree‘ is also from this place).

We’ve spotted a few people wandering around with the GPS-looking devices, engaged into something like a treasure-hunting quest.

Later we figured that it is indeed a new service offered by the park, announced rather uninspiringly as the GPS-Tochts (= GPS-walks). My guess is that the ‘gameplay’ is not a very sophisticated one either: there are few ‘chests’ hidden along the route, and there is also a description of certain plants (on paper) with the coordinates where you can find them in the park.

These new forms of digital interactions with nature become more popular here in Holland, but most of them still happen in this rather cumbersome way; just look at their faces!
I don’t know why this ‘market’ is not completely grabbed by all sorts of iPhone apps. I remember finding quite a few apps that promised to recognize many plants, flowers and mushrooms. Did the world invent something more interesting by now?

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