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Mother’s face is the precursor of a mirror

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To All my Dear Friends – I am (almost) NOT (yet) addicted to Empire Avenue!

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On Irresistibility

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Prohibited Photography of Joseph Beuys

Yesterday we went, among other things, to an exhibition of Joseph Beuys‘ photographs, in the Museum Schloss Moyland (the photographs not ‘by’ Beuys, but of him, and of his works). Apparently, the museum possess the largest archive of such photographs, … Continue reading

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Map Art, Now and Then

Yesterday the Artist a Day site featured the works by Nikki Rosato, a young American artist who ‘s making beautiful art works out of maps. Coincidentally (o may be not so), Wired also published an article about these original creations … Continue reading

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Hard-core behaviorism blended with phenomenology (all in a hope of changing people)

And multiplied by Ekman’s emotion recognition, I should add. This is my understanding of what Dr. Marc Rutschmann is doing with his same-name company in Zurich. We had a inspirational conversation in Tallinn and he briefly told me about his … Continue reading

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Virtual histories from Shi Xinning

I have recently (today, to be more precise) discovered the works of Chinese artist Shi Xinning; or rather the worlds made by him. It’s often said that artists create the worlds rather than the works, but in case of Shi … Continue reading

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Purge: Role-playing game to learn, and to change

The key message of my presentation was that the ‘social media’ change us, and we need to understand these changes, these transformation to employ all these new tools properly. But our own transformation in turn becomes a tool; or rather … Continue reading

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Social Media in McLuhanian perspective

This is cover of my presentation (in case of interest, the full pdf can be found on SlideShare – So called ‘Social Media’ – What do we do with it? What does it do with us? ). I was invited … Continue reading

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