I was a bit busy lately with all sort of ‘businesses’ – projects, proposals, etc, and sacrificed blogging as a result (the last posting here was 5 days ago, but also after a break of 3 days, so may be a week-long abstinence or so). And as a result of that I now experience of dumbness of some kind, as if I lost a certain censorial capacity and can’t really ‘feel’ a part of the world-flow, and therefore can’t think properly. I’ve recently read a very similar description in this blog (in Russian): it says ” The second day without the Internet, and I feel as if deaf; as if one of the body organs stopped working”.

And this insensibility doesn’t fade away immediately, the first moments when I am ‘on’ again, I keep feeling an interesting jitter. Perhaps, there should be a game of some sort, or an add-on that helps to ‘plug-in’ easily.

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