The Forest Flows Go Intense

The picture is already from the walk in Campina, a lovely forest/marsh area in the North Brabant. ‘Already’ here means that I was planning to write/blog when I was in Tallin last week, but didn’t manage at the end. So the stories from Estonia will be posted retroactively. Ironically, my presentation there was about ‘social media’, and one of the themes was a non-stop pinging out, so typical for this media. Yet personally I keep failing to achieve while on the trips; the experience is more intensive, and I do record it in a variety of ways (taking pictures, writing down some notes, even drawing). But I still didn’t find a way to stream it out as easy as I’d like, and the matter is not in the technological obstacles (the web is almost omnipresent these days), but rather mental; it looks like I am too much in the flow, which seems t be too intensive to be interrupted.

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