Social Media in McLuhanian perspective

This is cover of my presentation (in case of interest, the full pdf can be found on SlideShare – So called ‘Social Media’ – What do we do with it? What does it do with us? ). I was invited by the InterDirect Network to talk about the future of ‘Social Media’ (notoriously buzzworded, I know), but before talking ‘the futures’ I made a tour into the relatively distant past, bringing transformational take of McLuhan into the conversation.

It was not, therefore, a usual story about millions of users, billions of clicks and quadrillions connections (at least it was not only about that – you can’t entirely escape the quadrillions). Instead, I tried to talk about the impact these new media have already made on us, and what are possible societal and cultural shifts that are brewing as a result. The picture below is a short summary of the four major qualities I presented (they also group into two large themes, Omnipotent Me and Stigmergic System. I was worrying that this might be too high-brow and abstract for these very pragmatic folks, but no, the talk was apparently very well received (albeit called ‘overwhelming’).

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