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Exploring the futures of Social Media with InterDirect Network in Tallinn

This is cover slide of my presentation (in case of interest, the full pdf can be found on SlideShare – So called ‘Social Media’ – What do we do with it? What does it do with us? ) I made … Continue reading

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Purge: Role-playing game to learn, and to change

The key message of my presentation was that the ‘social media’ change us, and we need to understand these changes, these transformation to employ all these new tools properly. But our own transformation in turn becomes a tool; or rather … Continue reading

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Between the pasts and the futures

I remember the first day in Tallinn as if through the not very transparent film; the flight, although not very long, didn’t work very well, and I felt slightly dizzy. I managed to make a short walk in the downtown … Continue reading

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The Forest Flows Go Intense

The picture is already from the walk in Campina, a lovely forest/marsh area in the North Brabant. ‘Already’ here means that I was planning to write/blog when I was in Tallin last week, but didn’t manage at the end. So … Continue reading

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I was a bit busy lately with all sort of ‘businesses’ – projects, proposals, etc, and sacrificed blogging as a result (the last posting here was 5 days ago, but also after a break of 3 days, so may be … Continue reading

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On enchantment

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Dutch Deserts

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