Glow Eindhoven’2011

Too many meetings and event, and too little time to write about them here! Besides, we are working on the new website for Summ()n, so my energy goes more to the ‘future’, rather than to the maintaining the current flow of information. But some of impressions are too vivid to skip, so I will try to post at least the visual impressions from the last two weeks or so.

Glow is an annual festival of light and art in Eindhoven, and it tends to be always good. This year’s edition has definitely exceeded the expectations, and presented a large number of magnificent works. The one above was not really a new work, it is a remake of the now famous installation ‘Burning Van Abbe Museum’, by Xavier de Richemont. It worth to watch a video to imagine how it all looked in reality.

Multimedia installations Lichtschilderij (‘lightpaiting’) on the Stadhuis building by Artslide & Spectaculaires (above) and Charm on Speed on the Catharinakerk by
Projectil (below) were both new and not so new. The exact compositions were novel, but the overall experience is somewhat similar to the previous years.

But the entire area of TUe campus was a masterpiece – from the Glowing Carpets’ at the Nabij Kennispoort to the lighting poems on the main building, and to the smaller installations all over the places, all was one great inspirational feast.

My favorite installation of this year is Prometheus, that combined – not even light, but lightening – with music and video. People were silent in awe and admiration when listening these mini-performances and then bursted with applause – to both the might of nature, and the might of culture. Again, the video can give a better feeling.

I wonder if they will bring aurora borealis next time?

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