Are we PROUD?

To be honestly – not. Or may be not yet.

There have been quite a few developments in the region /industry lately, and one of them is the creation of PROUD –  stands for People Researchers Organizations Using Design. Its self-description says that “PROUD is an initiative of European organisations based in various sectors but all characterized by design and innovation in their DNA“; its lead partner is Capital D here in Eindhoven, and the members includes about ten different organizations, from Finland to Lichtenstein (and no, Summ()n is not not among them, as yet).

Should we aim to be?  Interesting, that I first read the acronym as “People Researchers using design” – yay! that’s us!   Summ()n is all about people research, and about using novel methods (of design, too) to gain better insights and to better carry them through, to inform strategic innovation.

But then I had a more sober look – oh, these are just People Comma Researchers Comma… using DESIGN. So it’s design again, not so much ‘people research’. But at least they use the word ‘innovation’ often, so even if not aiming at the membership, it very worth to see for links and relations.

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