Internet of Things –> Internet of People

It’s fresh as if happened yesterday, but in fact the inauguration of the Council of the Internet of Things was already three years ago! Back then Summ()n has organized an Internet of Dragons workplayshop, to explore the futures of this new socio-technological creature in a playful yet serious manner. The event still remembered by the participants – I keep receiving requests about this project until now.

The Internet of Things has grown tremendously since then – both as a phenomena but also as a community, the Council now unites almost 300 people, and is de facto a leading think tank on the matters. The time has come to move from daring thinking to responsible actions, and so the new formation, Internet of People:  The team of people with passion and a mind to get things done.

The IoP is quickly taking shape and makes itself ready for the actions: to explore and advise, to implement and evaluate, and to make IoT happens through tangible and impactful projects.

Headed by Rob van Kranenburg, the gathering of IoP people in Amsterdam last Sunday has formed an interim board and agreed to take a few practical steps, to establish both legal and organizational frameworks, to formulate an ethical code and the ways of working, and to approach the first clients.

As expected from any IoT gathering, it was self-organized, networked, and well distributed over space and time. But one of the pivotal locations (see on the pictures) was a very hospital office of the Waag Society on the Nieuwmarkt square; many thanks for the helping hand, guys!

More news is to come, soon!

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