Theo Camps @ World Design Forum

Theo Camps is a Professor of Organizational Science at the Tiasnimbas Business School in Tilburg. His speech started with very personal remarks, i.e., the artwork he likes (it happens to be a piece by Josef Beuys:


But the main story was not about art, but about networks, and specifically small-world type of network as the emerging organizational paradigm:


The argument was that it is these networks, and their properties are best-suited for contemporary organizations aimed at developing innovative solutions. One of the consequences of the networked organizations is that they (or rather their multiple, loosely connected hubs) are driven by multiple values; they are more ‘social’ in that sense, meaning that they at least not only financially motivated entities. In this situation both I (=’investment’) and ‘RoI’ should be understood in a much broader way that we do it now. Prof. Camps suggested a term ‘blended return on investment’ to descrive this concept.





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