Brainport as a new learning ecosystem

The slide is in Russian, and for a reason – last Friday I made another presentation for a delegation from Russia, this time of the representatives from corporate universities and training centers of the large Russian companies and organizations (e.g., RosAtom, or the Russian Railways). This group was again brought to Eindhoven by MAKO, the Russian association of corporate educational centers; I already worked with this organization last year, when I made another presentation in Russian, about design and innovation in Philips (the previous one was my first in Russian in the Netherlands, quite a surreal experience, to be hones, but this time I was already prepared 🙂

This time my story was less focussed on innovation per se; I talked more about new and emerging patterns of education and learning in the region (which are strongly overlapping with ‘innovation’, of course). To explain these new development, I had to also shortly introduce the history of the region, and specifically the role of Philips (and Philips Research, and TU/e etc) in it. This also helped (I hope) to understand both current developments and some tensions with (and within) the design industry, with the design organizaitons and design/creative events in the area.

The visit to Eindhoven was only a part of a large study trip arranged by MAKO of this group, who also visited Cologne, Luxemburg before and aimed at Paris after (they planned to come to Utrecht as well). But even a day in Eindhoven was filled not only with the presentations and lectures, the team also visited ROC, the Regional Training Center in Eindhoven, and listened to a presentation by MeduProof-S.

It was a very intensive day for the team, but I hope it also brought new insights and ideas. In case of the interest, here are my slides in Russian and in English.

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