This year I visited to the STRP, an annual art & technology festival in Eindhoven, a bit ‘disproportionally’: I usually go there once, and one day was always enough to see and ‘experience’ all their installations. This time I went twice – once to the opening, and then in the next day (also because I was going to write about the event for Demotix), and then  again, with a friend of us who came a week later, and the festival was still on (we in fact invited her to see the festival).  And – this year the scope was much smaller than in any of the previous years!  Two hours would be enough, perhaps, if you want to see only the concepts (ok, lectures and workshops would require more time).  Plus the news: from this year on the event will be a ‘biennale’ (also meaning that there will be no STRP next year).   But may be it’s not that bad, may be you need a bit longer breaks between the events of such sort, otherwise they are becoming too shallow, bit of a ‘been there, done that’.

There were a few interesting ‘things’ there, but only a few; the full program is on their site, and I will present here only a few glimpses, in a very ‘psychedelic’ color palette ( I though that event is all about acid music and neon color, let the pictures be, too.

1. Stelarc is preparing for his show; I will write a separate posting about him, and his performance & lecture.



2.  That’s him during his show, called Exoskeleton:



3. This is was a huge installation, I guess hundred people could fit in easily; it was called (Laser) Forest, from the collective Marshmallow Laser Feast:



4. This concept was called Reverse Blinking, from Belgian Ief Spincemaille; you can control how frequently you see the world through your otherwise dark glasses, which creates a weird effect of ‘frozen time’:


5. That’s our boy in the glasses:



6. This installation was called Hoovering Strijp-S, and the idea was that you can indeed hoover, glide over Strijp-S complex using this moving panoramic display – only it was also enhanced with spatial sound, so that you hoover ‘almost for real’.

7.  This was one of the most bizarre concepts at the show; called Valerie, My Crystal Syster, it was basically a large (and beautiful) chandelier, made of crystals; which were in turn made with the inclusion of the DNA part of the parents of Lucas Maassen, the artist who created the concept. So, in some wat it was his ‘syster’.   Or was she?



8. The last concept I present now is a 3D mirror – or rather a large and noisy apparat that allows you to see your own back. Two simple mirrors would do, but no, we need to install a web-cam on a rotating stick, and include a high-speed stroboscope, and god knows what else… and then voilà, we have  Chain Driven 3D Mirror!


9. I may decided to write about this concept in my Art Mirrors Art blog; a fairly good concept to start my ‘future’ part there.

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