Westartup at Entrepreneurial Fair in Brussesels

Participation in an event organized by Westartup in the MIC, Microsoft Innovation Center near Brussels, was one of the first Summ()n’s encounters with a start-up community; it was back in 2010, and ever since I was trying to stay in touch with Westartup’s energetic and passionate leader, Leo Exter.  He later joined one of our play-shops we conducted during the Dutch Design Ween of that year.

This time Leo invited me to Brussels, to the final presentation of next wave of his westartuppers. Remembering last time, I expected a small and informal gathering – but instead managed to get into an epicenter of a huge business event, so called Brussels’ Enterpreniade (sic! What a name they invented! or at least that’s my take on their Entreprendre). So yes, I’ve listened to a round of presentations and grilling questions from the Jury, but I also saw many more participants of the event later. This posting is about the westartuppers only.

Entrance to the hall at Tour & Taxi, a large conference and fair venue:

Here is a moment when Yoeri Roels, from a newly launched Yambla startap, is being grilled by the jury and public alike. But he keeps well (and he doesn’t know yet that their startup is a winner! Kudos, well done!)

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