TechPeaks are raising in Trento!

I have been recently involved in TechPeaks, a new and ambitions initiative of the TrentoRise, an innovation promoting body in Trento, Italy. I was first invited to comment on the issues of design and people research in relations to this initiative, and now most probably will also participate in a selection process and later perhaps also in a content of the program, too (finger crossed).  

My intersection with the program was in a way completely random and unexpected, but from some other way inevitable. I was introduced to Daria Batukhtina (earlier with Digital October in Moscow) and Alexey Evlanov, who spotted that my knowledge and expertise in design and innovation could be of some value for TechPeaks, and who eventually introduced me to Paolo Lombardi.

At the moment the application process is still on (it will last till April 5th), so I can only advise to have a look and decided if you want yo join (the scope and mechanics is pretty unique here, very different from the majority of the similar start-up incubators, of those there are plenty around). Quite significantly, the program is not called an ‘incubator’ but ‘people accelerator’, which means that people will be coming there not as teams but as individuals (which is both great and challenging, because it does require more careful management and orchestration of the program).

But all in all, it sounds great, and  I look forward to contribute it, both at the start and hopefully also during the program run.

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