TEFAF’s 2013 in Maastricht


This year I *did* manage to get to TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) in Maastricht! I emphasize this *did* because I’ve been planning to come there for three consecutive years (more even, I was even getting my press accreditation every time!) yet I was not able to come, for all sort of reasons  . Until this year, that is.

To say it was overwhelming is basically to say nothing. Of course, it was! Being the largest and one of the most established art fairs in the world it supposed to overwhelm. Imagine entering a mini-city of art, with own streets, squares, boulevards, avenues, but instead of the houses you see art galleries, one after another, hundreds of them, and all filled with art of a supreme quality! TEFAF’s selection committee is notoriously famous for their really draconian standards of quality; basically, almost all pieces here are of a museum calibre.

Here is just a few ‘first impassion’ pics; I plan to write a more detailed analysis of the ‘experience landscape’ there later. And also, this is mostly modern and contemporary art section, there was a lot of older art there, too.

I’ve recently written, in my Art Mirrors Art blog, a story about mirrors by Roy Lichtenstein, and so it was a double pleasure to see one of his famous ‘mirror paintings’ on TEFAF (already sold; for undisclosed amount):

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