Flying over Alps

I was just about to start posting here (more or less) regularly again… and then went to a two-week long trip, via Italy to Russia, and back; not always have a chance to write on a go (mostly due to the lack of time, sometimes due to the lack of the internet). I am finally back, and back to my ambitions blogging plans.  I will try to follow my 1+9 format I tested already; it seems to be a good balance between my mostly visual and verbal production.

These are just a few typical in-flight pictures of Alps; iPhone, so low-qual.  But mountains are beautiful, and so the desire to capture them at least in this form was irresistible.


I have no idea where we were flying, and don’t know the mountains so well to detect at least some of the famous peaks; the damns like that might give a clue, but I’d need to search for them specially, I don’t recall their shapes by heart either.

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