The Future of Play in Moscow

Between my (too many, I am afraid) meetings in Moscow I managed to pop up at the ZIL Cultural Center, where they had Game: The Future of Play exhibition, on tour from the Science Gallery from Dublin. Almost all the concepts from the original show have been presented in Moscow too, including a brilliant game/installation called Interface, by Natalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman.

Too bad nobody played it (or with it – or even within it) while I’ve been there; the exhibition hall was almost empty, and those few who’ve been there were too afraid to touch such beauty, I guess. And without the players it all distills to just a very beautiful play of the lights and shadows.

But anyway, you can imagine how nice the game could be, when played ‘for real’; below are few images of the installation:

The ‘gameboard consists of the five large suspended thin steel ‘curtains’, penetrated with myriads of holes. Together with ambient light, it creates both the space of play and its specific atmosphere.

Two players standing on the different sides of these layers had to fill these holes with their ‘chips’; the trick is that at each turn you must steal a piece from another game to be able to continue the game. That soon creates a very complex social dynamics, and new game-rules start emerging.

I still can only guess what is the experience of the game: it resembles a bit a 3D-Catan but I also suspect more ’emerging patterns’ in the Interface.

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