Presidential Program’13 Tour to High-Tech Campus Eindhoven

Yet another ‘Russian Tour’ to Eindhoven we help to organize! This time it was for the so-called Presidential Program (, an annual business education and training initiative for Russian entrepreneurs, endorsed by the Dutch and Russian governments, and organized by Bontemantel (Pim van Gest) and the Netherlands Business Academy.

The program includes both trainings and internships for the participants, but traditionally located in the Northern part of the country; it was a pleasure – and almost an obligation for us at Summ()n – to show the South as well, and in particularly innovation practices in Eindhoven, in the High-Tech Campus here.

Below few visual impressions of the day:

Presentation of Bert-Jan Woertman, Marketing Director of the HTC, made many participants willing to become the residents from the next day on.

Else Embregts, MarCom Manager of the ICT Labs Eindhoven told about the activities of their own ‘node’, but more importantly, about the emerging patterns of pan-European innovation in ICT, endorsed by the EIT, European Institute of Technology.

Koen Vriesacker then told specifically about the new ways to develop new businesses, across countries and cultures.

Finally, Victoria Martinez, Marketing and Operation Officer of the HighTechXL, a newly established startup engine in Eindhoven, told about the activities and ambitions of this initiative.  Again, I guess many would like to apply right away!

With my own story I tried to provide a broader context for these presentations, talking about the history of the region (and the role of Philips in it), current status and the future ambitions (and just a few words about the role of Summ()n in all that 🙂 The slides can be seen here (thought they are in Russian, for that occasion).

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